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My Story

It was 1982 and I became entranced on a game called Mega bug. I was four at the time. 

Games would evolve over the years and the next one to grab my attention is Diablo II. We had a pc built for the family and I insisted that it be able to play diablo ii and have a 56k modem. The struggle was certainly real to me then.

eventually I would come to know a MMORPG called Ever quest. Like most I would spend hours upon hours barshing my way through the sands of oasis making my way to becoming a big barsher. I was hooked and gaming would never be the same for me again.

Today I am married for 20 years with five wonderful children. My wife and I were highschool sweethearts getting married right after graduation. We been through our college years together and through some rough military years including a deployment to Afghanistan. 

Gaming is now my tool to recovery!!!!!!!!!

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